From First-Time Homebuyer To Realtor: Building Wealth Through Real Estate

For years, Kiescha dreamt of becoming a homeowner. But she didn’t move forward because she didn’t think homeownership was something she would be able to attain as a single woman. “I literally thought that I had to be married,” she says.

CFA Prepares HBCU Scholars For Homeownership

Roshan Ghimire sees homeownership as a launching pad for building wealth. “I’m trying to turn my house into a rental property because I want to make passive income,” he says.

You Don’t Need Perfect Credit to be Successful

Hawa was tired of moving from apartment to apartment. She wanted something more stable for herself and her family so she decided to explore homeownership. But she was worried her credit wasn’t good enough for her to be successful.

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Homeownership

Ashli had always wanted to be a homeowner, but when she and her husband Hyon started having a family, it was tough to save for a house along with all of their other expenses. When they finally felt ready financially, another obstacle stood in the way: Fear.

When One Door Closes Another One Opens

Having graduated from college during the pandemic, David moved in with his family and found a job where he could work remotely. However, his family was renting and the landlord had other plans for the property.

A Homeownership Team Can Save You Stress and Money

Stefany always had dreams of buying a house, but in 2020 she started seriously stepping toward that goal. “I felt like buying a house would be cheaper and more fulfilling than renting,” she says.

Newlyweds Realize Their Homebuying Dream

With rising rents and the need for more space, Jaren and Devon Goldston wanted to buy a home by the time they married in September 2021. 

Pulled from the Brink of Foreclosure

Denise was a proud homeowner when the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to take away all that she had worked long and hard for.

With HomeFree-USA, You’re Never Alone   

If you’re a control freak, the homeownership process can be overwhelming, says Christi, a recent first-time homebuyer. 

The Power of Pre-Purchase Counseling

Mindy dreamed of becoming a homeowner but she wanted to take advantage of down payment assistance. Here’s how she did it.

How a Vision Board Sparked a Homebuying Journey 

Vision boards can be powerful. One woman shares how a vision board – and HomeFree-USA – helped her become a homeowner. 

Homeownership by the Age of 25

Kevin set an ambitious goal for his 25th birthday – To own his own home. Read on to learn how he encountered his first obstacle and found ways to overcome it.

Refinancing Not Only to Save Money, but to Make Money

When Nyia bought her house 10 years ago, one of her goals was to turn her home into an income generator. With the help of HomeFree-USA, she is well on her way to doing so.