Newlyweds Realize Their Homebuying Dream

With rising rents and the need for more space, Jaren and Devon Goldston wanted to buy a home by the time they married in September 2021. 

Work-from-home professional Jaren wanted a dedicated office. The couple also wanted space for their beloved dog Cooper to run around, not be “cooped up” in an apartment…! 

A shortage of houses in their North Carolina market drove up prices. Homes were going fast, sometimes selling before Jaren and Devon even had a chance to see them. Add rising interest rates, and they knew they needed to take action fast. 

Finding “the one”—within their price range—was a real challenge. 

“We started to get discouraged. We made offers that weren’t accepted because other homebuyers could offer more,” Devon recalls. “Our lease was almost up, and we didn’t want to extend it.” 

That’s when the couple turned to HomeFree-USA, starting with one of our homeownership education classes before meeting with Homeownership Advisor Gary. The call marked a turning point in their search.

“It was great to have someone explain the homebuying process,” Devon says. “Especially things we didn’t understand. Gary referred us to some new lending partners so that we could see our options. We ended up going with a local credit union.” 

Through HomeFree-USA, Jaren and Devon connected with lenders and programs that help renters prepare financially and buy their first home—from better loan options to downpayment assistance.

Before they knew it, the happy couple was closing on a new home. Devon is thrilled with their results and feels she’s learned a lot along the way.

Her #1 advice to aspiring homeowners? “Be patient.”

“Be informed and do not make a quick decision,” she says. “Get all the information you need so you know what you are doing.”

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