In 2017, HomeFree-USA launched its Center for Financial Advancement to support students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Students who are our future Black and Brown leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. While HBCUs continue to produce the best and brightest, many HBCU students face undue pressure because of limited financial resources. More than 70% of them come from low-income households.

How Your Donation Helps

A donation of $100 will help a student buy groceries.
A donation of $250 will help a student return home to their family.
A donation of $500 will help pay for internet service for 5 months.
A donation of $750 will help a student buy a laptop to complete their studies.


“The HandUP Fund gave me a HandUP  when I was facing financial hardships due to the global pandemic and all of the cutbacks…and just knowing that I had  that support was great. That gesture made me feel supported, secure, and it really made me feel like I had  someone in my corner that was willing to advocate and support me in any way that I needed.”


“This past summer I needed financial help…the HomeFree-USA HandUP Fund helped me secure  stable housing throughout the duration of the summer, without that, the hardship would have continued. For me personally, I want to be in a position where I can do the same for others. Not only has the HandUP fund poured back into me but it inspires me and others to help those in similar situations.” 


“In my time of need HomeFree-USA HandUP fund was definitely there for me providing me with stable housing. It was such a blessing to know that there was such a resource out there. I am forever grateful for what HomeFree-USA was able to do for me.”


“The HomeFree-USA HandUP fund really gave me support when I honestly needed help paying off my tuition balance. This gesture made me feel love, secure, covered, supported…gave me a foundation, something I really didn’t have.”