Understanding the world of mortgages can be a steep mountain to climb. With the help of our Certified Homeownership Advisors, HomeFree-USA can help you find the financial assistance you need, and also provide refinancing guidance.

Our Homeownership Advisors can provide:

  • Clear and easy-to-understand information about your mortgage options
  • Help on deciding if it’s time to refinance
  • Tips on how to prevent foreclosure
  • Help with managing missed or late payments
  • Tips on communicating with your mortgage company and financial institutions
  • Help with understanding your refinancing options

Our Mortgage Relief Programs can provide:

  • Financial assistance to help pay your mortgage
  • Help with how to lower your monthly payment
  • Tips for managing your mortgage options
  • Help with communicating with mortgage companies
  • Information about your mortgage relief options
  • Help with pausing payments and preventing foreclosure

Our refinancing advisors can provide:

  • Help on deciding if refinancing is right for you
  • Tips on how to find the best interest rate
  • Help with getting rates from multiple lenders; not just one
  • Fast and stress-free mortgage assistance
  • Information and guidance about your refinancing options
  • Expert help from experienced mortgage professionals
Steps to Take if Your Forbearance is Ending

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Success Stories

Juan and his family of seven were able to keep their home thanks to HomeFree-USA.

As a member of the construction industry, tough economic times put Juan, and his large family, at risk of losing their home. While reduced work hours lead to five months of missed mortgage payments, Juan reached out to HomeFree-USA for assistance. After quickly providing all of the necessary paperwork, we were able to find Juan a much lower interest rate with an 18% mortgage payment reduction.

Janette was able to lower her mortgage payment and find happiness as a homeowner.

After falling behind on her mortgage payments, Janette struggled for four years while also suffering from a medical condition. As her lender and multiple nonprofit agencies didn’t help, she was referred to HomeFree-USA. In her own words, she found a “5-star, professional staff who knows what they’re doing.” We were able to help Janette lower her mortgage payments and find success as a homeowner.