Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Homeownership

Ashli had always wanted to be a homeowner, but when she and her husband Hyon started having a family, it was tough to save for a house along with all of their other expenses. When they finally felt ready financially, another obstacle stood in the way: Fear.

The idea of having lenders scrutinizing their finances made Ashli more than a little wary. Her mind was flooded with questions: Would they be approved for a mortgage? How would the homebuying process go? “It was all very intimidating,” she admits.

Since she didn’t know what to expect from the homebuying process, Ashli turned to someone who did. She contacted HomeFree-USA to guide her through the process and help the couple to get prepared.

Ashli and Hyon met with a Homeownership Advisor who gave them some insight into what would happen once the couple started the homebuying process. They also took a homebuying class online.

“Taking that homeownership class really gave me a lot of inspiration and information, and it showed me what I needed to do,” Ashli says. When it was time to talk to lenders and realtors, she felt comfortable in knowing what questions to ask.

With the confidence she gained by working with HomeFree-USA, Ashli no longer felt so much fear. Instead, she felt prepared because HomeFree-USA had told her what the couple needed to do to be successful. HomeFree-USA also helped them find first-time homebuyer programs they qualified for, which saved them money in downpayment fees and closing costs.

Even though Ashli knows plenty of other homeowners, there are some things you don’t find out until you go through the homebuying process yourself, she says. That’s why you need someone in your corner like HomeFree-USA. “Don’t let your fear stop you from getting what is yours,” she says. “Push past your fear and know that there will be professionals that can help you.”