Marvette Deadwyler: A Trusted Partner for Homebuyers

One of the best ways to ensure homebuying success is to have a trusted homebuying team. 

That’s the philosophy of Marvette Deadwyler, a Maryland-based realtor and self-professed mompreneur, who regularly works with renters who are taking their first steps toward homeownership. 

Deadwyler, who has been a realtor for about a year, didn’t seek out a career in real estate. Instead, real estate chose her.  

“I’m very resourceful so people would always contact me to help them look for a home,” she says. Recognizing she had a knack for it, “it became a passion of mine.”

Today she’s helping clients in a range of situations, whether they are trying to buy their first homes, trading up to a bigger house or looking for their first investment property.

What Deadwyler likes most about being a realtor is the relationships she builds.

Not only is she a trustworthy partner to her clients, but she has been a partner to HomeFree-USA. “Everyone at HomeFree-USA is very nice,” she says. “The referrals they have given me and the overall knowledge about the [homebuying] process have helped me a lot.”With a vast amount of homebuying advice to share, Deadwyler offers a couple of nuggets of wisdom to those considering the path to homeownership. “Consider buying now because interest rates are low,” she says. “And have a knowledgeable realtor by your side.”