From Homebuyer to Realtor: A Partnership That Has Spanned a Decade

Like many first-time homebuyers, Kevin Artis first learned about HomeFree-USA when he was ready to leave his renting days behind him.  HomeFree-USA guided Artis and his wife through the homebuying process as they purchased their first home. 

But that wasn’t the end of Artis’ relationship with HomeFree-USA. The homebuying process made him realize something about himself. “I always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” Artis says. “After working with Homefree-USA to buy my home, I then knew I was interested in becoming a realtor.”

Artis took his dream seriously, and today he is, in fact, a realtor with EXIT Deluxe Realty. He is licensed in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Since 2009, he has made it his mission to help others find happiness through real estate as he and his wife did so many years ago.

“I love to be of service and help people achieve one of the biggest rewards of their life — buying a home,” he says.

Artis also likes working with sellers. One of the keys to his success as a realtor is having a great understanding of the communities he works in so he can help his clients, whether they are trying to find the ideal home or the ideal buyer. Artis and HomeFree-USA share a common goal. They both want to help build a world that boasts a greater number of successful homeowners.

“HomeFree-USA helped me establish connections with other great people in the real estate field,” says Artis.  HomeFree-USA has also given his clients the financial education and handholding they need to not only start their homebuying process, but to get to the finish line.  

Since he knows of HomeFree-USA’s services first-hand, Artis regularly tells his first-time homebuyer clients, “Go to HomeFree-USA, and the rest will be history.”