Two Times a Charm

HomeFree-USA had the privilege of assisting Tim when he purchased his first small condo in the city.  Old credit issues had haunted him and his ability to get a mortgage was slim to none.

Only after a rigorous credit repair campaign, did he settle in to homeownership.

Then tough times hit, and Tim found himself on Social Security Disability, silently compromising his finances. He labored through the crisis, finding new employment and promising himself that he would sell the condo and buy a new home where his puppies had their own yard to explore. But no one ever suspected that second time credit issues would challenge his game plan.

Multiple efforts later with help at HomeFree-USA and a new mortgage, Tim has settled into his new home with a large front and side yard for Shasta and Fresca to romp to their hearts content.  Two visits to HomeFree-USA, two credit report repairs, two homes and two very happy doggies!

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