Surviving Tough Economic Times

Surviving tough economic times has been challenging for those in the construction industry, and Juan — with a family of seven — found himself two weeks away from foreclosure when he was referred to HomeFree-USA.

After falling five months behind on his mortgage payment due to a drastic reduction of his carpentry hours, Juan was quickly running out of time to prevent foreclosure of his home of nine years.

Luckily Juan sought homeowner help. Because he found a non-profit counseling agency and immediately provided them all the requested documents, not only was the sale date postponed, but he also had his loan modification approved within 10 weeks. Four months later, the 2% interest rate he had been given was made permanent with an 18% payment reduction.

The moral of this story is good things can happen to good families in times of distress.  It takes a willingness to educate yourself. It also takes the initiative to research help and consistently follow through with professionals who are there to assist.  If you are experiencing difficult times, click our link to “Find a Housing Agency.”

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