Success Stories

Home Really Matters

Family means everything to Naji, and his home is the hub of his world with elderly mom and dad depending on him and his 2 adopted nieces.

But in 2006 when he bought his home, he never imagined the economic struggles ahead, the hours he would be on hold to his lender and the relentless stress of trying to receive an affordable loan modification.

Hard work was never an issue for Naji having arrived in America 20 years ago.  He went on to higher education.  He speaks 3 languages.  Living a frugal lifestyle, he always did what it took to care of his loved ones with as many jobs as it took to pay the bills.  But then the medical bills for his parents began to accumulate.  Five years ago, he began working with his lender and local government contacts, anyone who would hear his story.  He worked with all of his creditors and sent in whatever payments he could every month.  The mortgage was falling behind, and the costs and penalty fees increased.

Last September he ended up in the emergency room with a serious illness without health insurance adding to his financial challenges.  He contacted his Senator.  The Senator’s office talked to his lender with no resolve and next referred him to a HUD approved housing counseling agency, HomeFree-USA.

Now Naji has a loan modification, a 2%, 40 year solution to his long, stressful journey.  When partners and professionals work together, results can happen.  Lives can be redefined.  And from Naji’s perspective, persistence pays off!