Success Stories

The Power of Inspiration

You never know when you’re going to be inspired. For Renee, inspiration struck in church. She was attending service when she heard a presentation from HomeFree-USA. At that moment, she felt the call to buy her own home.

A few months later, she decided to give HomeFree-USA a call. She knew that there was a lot involved with the homebuying process and she wanted to be as informed as possible. She wasn’t disappointed. Not only did HomeFree-USA tell her what initial steps to take, but they helped her find a lender and a real estate agent that would round out her homebuying team.

Her homeownership advisor also gave her tips to make the process run more smoothly. For example, when settlement time was approaching, she was advised to keep her spending low and avoid using credit.

As helpful as HomeFree-USA was to Renee when she was buying her home, HomeFree-USA has continued to be a resource for Renee as a homeowner. “Even today, they still call me to check up on me,” she says. “Once HomeFree-USA gets you in a home, they help you stay in that home.”

That’s all the inspiration Renee needs.