Success Stories

Next Generation of Homeowners

Shalonda and Christopher's precious baby girl may not realize how incredibly lucky she was in the birth lottery.  Her mom and dad did all of the right things.


After a lender worsened their credit by running excessive reports, Shalonda and Christopher found HomeFree-USA and got guidance. They enrolled in classes.  They worked with a homeownership advisor and got their financial house in order.

Research by the Kellogg Foundation shows that the children of homeowners are much more successful in school and life. This wonderful baby girl is on her way to great things.

Mom and dad's advice to aspiring homebuyers?  Be assured, your perfect house will show up. Familiarize and educate yourself about the homebuying process. Do your research.  Find a good housing counselor. Find an excellent Realtor who listens to your needs.  Be patient and know that your credit score is critical.

And Biggie?  It's easy to see that he knows he struck gold as he zips around his own 3 acres of yard sniffing for bones.