Success Stories

Sonja's Team Prevailed

Only a handful of tenacious women could have accomplished Sonja’s miracle modification.  Her story is one of amazing patience and undaunted persistence, and an inspiration to any single mom with mortgage challenges. 

After buying her brand-spanking-new townhome 8 years ago, Sonja’s business slowly dwindled, but her lender offered no assistance as she wasn’t behind on her payments. Her inquiries were always dead ends until she found a law firm in Illinois that would represent her for $6,000, promising a modification. Unfortunately, months later and finding herself a victim of a scam, she did find herself late on her mortgage, and the relentless document requests started from her lender.

Sonja’s diligence led her to an interview with a woman at a local television station, but that publicity did not help either.  No amount of paperwork or persistence persuaded her lender to let her stay in the family home.  Sonja next discovered HomeFree-USA, a HUD approved housing counseling agency, and another equally relentless advocate, Freda, her counselor. Resolved for success, the two teamed up and lobbied hard when Sonja received a foreclosure sale date.

Sonja would say it was divine intervention when the servicing of her loan was sold to another lender right before the sale date. The servicing change meant she was starting over on her modification request, and another loan document package needed to be submitted. But she hadn’t lost her home.

Six weeks later, the best of news arrived. No one could initially believe that $192,000 of principal was forgiven from her loan balance.  And a lifetime 2% interest rate seemed too good to be true. However, a year later, the facts remain the same!  Sonja’s team prevailed.

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