Success Stories

One Happy Family

There were many sleepless nights for Alex’s family between 2008 and 2010.  His wife was pregnant, a stay at home mom with 2 young children, and the bank was threatening to foreclose on the family home month after month.  Alex had submitted two modification packages with no results, and in a last minute, desperate attempt, he sought out HomeFree-USA for help.

With partnerships in place, HomeFree-USA quickly acted to halt the foreclosure.  Updated documents were filed and 6 weeks later not only did Alex’s family have a HAMP modification with an initial 2% interest rate, everyone slept well with the lender’s additional  principal reduction.

In the past few years, Alex’s business has rebounded and thrived, but the lessons of a financial struggle changed the family’s spending habits.  Carrying a rental property was becoming a burden without a tenant, and the family has since met with their housing counselor for assistance with a short sale, reducing more debt and ensuring more financial security.

HomeFree-USA empowers clients with the tools to make wise financial decisions whether buying a home, applying for a loan modification or prioritizing a budget.  Thank you, Alex, for singing our praises!