Success Stories

Getting her financial house in order

Tracy listened with interest to a HomeFree-USA radio ad, quietly building up the courage to make a call.  The ad spoke of credit repair and the wisdom of saving for homeownership, and she knew she wanted both.

Overcoming her doubts and fears, she stepped out.  She made the call to HomeFree-USA.

There were frustrating times in the 3-4 months it took to correct her credit report at HomeFree-USA.  Letters needed to be written.  She negotiated small medical debts and paid off balances.  And all the time, she watched her budget and saved her money under the guidance and support of her homeownership advisor.  With the home buying process carefully explained, she gained confidence in her financial abilities and realized she could do this.

Even her family questioned her dream of owning a home with a yard for her 6 grandchildren to enjoy.  But she also wanted a place to showcase her incredible collection of glass objects, carefully collected over the years.

Her advice to anyone aspiring to homeownership, “Do not let anyone step on your dream.  Just take the first step!”