The Solution to One Homebuyer’s Problems 

One of the scariest things about being a first-time homebuyer is having no idea what to expect from the homebuying process. You may ask yourself: 

  • Will I be approved? 
  • Am I really ready? 
  • Will I make any mistakes? 
  • Am I getting in over my head? 

Like other first-time homebuyers, Autumn had her questions about the homebuying journey, but she also knew the best way to handle her concerns: she worked with HomeFree-USA.  

“Homefree-USA guided me through the process,” Autumn says. “They helped me organize my file so I had a smooth closing and I knew what to expect.” 

HomeFree-USA assigned a homeownership advisor to work with Autumn to help her become mortgage ready. They educated her about what lenders were looking for and helped her make sure her money habits were working for her and not against her.  

For example, she learned about interest rates and the ways that credit can impact the rate you’re offered. She also learned some saving strategies that would help her not only buy her house but continue to build wealth over time.  

Her homeownership advisor also connected her with others who would become partners in the homebuying process such as her loan officer. 

HomeFree-USA’s guidance did not end when Autumn became a homeowner. Instead, HomeFree-USA continues to be a resource and even gave her home maintenance tips she can use. 

HomeFree-USA prepared Autumn for the ins and outs of the process, she says. “I would 100% recommend them.”