Sharing the Generational Wealth 

Jovon never thought about buying a house. He was satisfied with being a renter. But then an interaction with his daughter changed his life. 

“My daughter came to me about a year and a half ago,” he recalls. “She said, ‘dad, what are you doing to create generational wealth?’”

Jovon had no answer for her. “That’s what made me decide to buy a house,” he says.

But there were other reasons why it was a good idea. For one, the cost of rent was rising and did not seem like a good use for his money. “I talked to my mom and my mom was like, ‘why would you want to pay all that money? Go buy a house.’”

And his mom should know. Jovon’s mom Cathy had come to HomeFree-USA for guidance when she bought her home two decades ago. “My mom told me to work with HomeFree-USA because HomeFree-USA helped her 20 years ago,” he says.

Jovon worked with his Homeownership Advisor Gigi Williams and HomeFree-USA’s Client Success Specialist Caron Hatcher. “They were very informative. They knew everything,” he says.

Since his credit was good, the process went smoothly and Jovon found himself the proud owner of his own piece of the American Dream.

Not only is he happy to have left the land of renting, but he is proud that in his family there are three generations focused on building generational wealth.

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