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We Are The Black Community

Life is unpredictable. In the midst of COVID-19, something [...]

By |May 12, 2021|

Why this Freddie Mac VP Attends Reaching Millions Conference

One partner we are always excited to see at [...]

By |May 12, 2021|

Considering Pandemic Mortgage Relief/Forbearance?

As the pandemic continues many homeowners of color have [...]

By |May 12, 2021|

Cobb County Approves Homeownership Program

Programs will bring diverse talent to Detroit, a key [...]

By |May 3, 2021|

HomeFree-USA launches Step Into Your Power

There is a homeownership crisis in the Black community. [...]

By |March 15, 2021|

Why diversity is important to your top-line growth

Think green (& we don't mean the environment): why [...]

By |March 15, 2021|

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