From Renter to Homeowner: One Woman’s Journey

For Brandy, buying a home is more than simply finding a new place to live. The chef and yoga teacher wants “to use my home as leverage for my business,” she says. Like most homebuyers, Brandy has a few obstacles. Read on to see how she overcomes them.

With that goal in mind, Brandy was scrolling through her social media feed one day when she came across a webinar on real estate. “I was so inspired by what they were talking about,” Brandy says. “Then when they talked about leveraging your home for your business, I wanted to start the process the very next day.”

The webinar’s presenter introduced Brandy to HomeFree-USA where she was paired with a homeownership advisor to answer her questions and walk her through the homebuying process. Her advisor, Gary Plumber, asked her about her goals and her past experiences with homeownership.

He also took a good look at her financial picture to see where she might need to make some improvements. The only debts Brandy had were four student loans, and Gary suggested that she consolidate them into one.

“That process is now in the works,” Brandy says.

Gary also gave her some suggestions for re-establishing her credit, as she had closed some of her older credit card accounts when she was going through a divorce. “At the time, I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to understand that those revolving lines of credit could help my credit score, so I closed everything in fear of my credit being destroyed because of the divorce,” she says. Now she’s taking steps to rebuild her credit.

On top of that, Gary gave Brandy insight into what mortgage companies are looking for from applicants. “I just took all of his feedback, all of his recommendations, and I applied that information,” she says.

As she prepares for her next call with Gary, Brandy feels like she is closer than ever to her dream. “I feel like it’s already happening,” she says. “My dream is already being manifested.”

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