Lose fewer leads. Close more deals.

Realtors, like you, work hard to find and cultivate new homebuyers only to discover that their clients are not mortgage ready. Instead of losing leads, wasting time and lots of money, partner with HomeFree-USA to reduce denials and close more deals.
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If your clients need a credit and savings boost
Our Credit Achievement Program offers:
  • Simple steps to achieve an A+ score

  • Expert guidance to increase your savings and decrease debt

  • A proven plan to spend less and save more

  • Assistance disputing and negotiating transactions

  • A roadmap to get financially prepared for approval

If your clients seek downpayment and closing cost assistance
Our Mortgage Approval Program provides:
  • Help to find and qualify for $1,000s

  • Access to money-saving mortgage programs many don’t know exist

  • The required homebuyer course and certificate

  • Proven steps to secure mortgage approval

  • A personalized homeownership budget

Why HomeFree-USA?
  • 26-year-old nonprofit organization
  • Approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • 0% foreclosure rate among homebuyers who’ve participated in the program
  • 96% mortgage applications approved the first-time
  • HomeFree-USA clients secure an average of $18,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance

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