Marcia featured on Roland Martin show

Marica expresses optimism for future of homeownership


On June 11, Marcia Griffin, Founder and President of HomeFree-USA, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the new housing crisis and what can be done to stave off economic disaster in our communities.

Martin began his discussion with Griffin saying, “… because of lending practices, because of lack of income, because of all of these factors, we literally are forcing largely Black and Latinos into the area of renting.”

The increase in the number of renters then drives up the price of apartments and homes, decimating the affordable housing market. To compound this, new construction is primarily focused on the “luxury high-end” market.

Martin said as a result, “Some folks will be paying more for rent than they would be paying for a mortgage.”

Despite the gloomy outlook on housing, Griffin is optimistic saying, “there is hope.”


“What we have to get our homeowners to do is really focus on some key issues that are really holding us down right now. It’s very difficult to get a mortgage, but some people are. We have to really focus on our credit, we have to get a little bit of money saved,” said Griffin.

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