Together, We Can Make a Difference.

Join fellow industry leaders and partner with HomeFree-USA to empower more people of color to become and stay homeowners.
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Mortgage Lenders

Organizations like yours trust HomeFree-USA’s transparency, integrity and business-minded execution of industry- and community-changing programs.

The benefits of partnering with HFUSA include: 

  • Credit-ready homebuyers, with 96% of our homebuyers approved for mortgages on first application.
  • Sustain homeownership, keeping homeowners in their homes through long-term educational programs that promote beneficial partner products.

  • Increase visibility and reach in diverse communities and the untapped markets they represent, through collaborations, innovating programs, and access to our national network of affiliates, representing over 6.3 million consumers.

Mortgage Servicers

HomeFree-USA offers our valued partners an actionable, systematic way to reverse the wealth gap, grow their business, and directly reach communities of color.

As your partner, we provide help with:

  • Long-term homeowners who won’t default. 0% of those that we’ve prepared for homeownership have foreclosed on their home.

  • Financially savvy homebuyers in underserved communities through our education and Homeownership Guidance programs.

  • Relationship building opportunities between homebuyers and homeowners and the partners that we work with: more than a warm lead, it’s about building confidence, trust, and lifelong relationships.

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