Everything to Know About Buying a Home

Formally Fast Track: Your Hassle Free Journey to Homeownership.

The road to your new home can be bumpy. Without the right direction, it’s easy to take the wrong turn, get lost, waste time and money, or never make it to your destination.  

Accelerate your journey with HomeFree-USA’s Everything to Know About Buying a Home Membership.

Members receive: 

  • A personalized easy-to-understand road map to mortgage approval and closing.
  • Special mortgage and down payment programs that give you access to more money.
  • Proven credit solutions that will increase your score.
  • Eye-opening information most buyers don’t know.
  • Unlimited access to your personal homeownership advisor.
  • Access to trusted and experienced real estate professionals, or we will work with yours.
  • The Fast Track to Homeownership Membership works in 3 easy steps:

1.  Attend Everything to Know about Buying a Home

  • Walkthrough each stage of the home buying process
  • Meet a licensed mortgage and real estate professionals
  • Earn 6.5 hours of pre-purchase education

2. Attend your Mortgage Profile Meeting (MPM)

  • Get all your questions answered by a certified Homeownership Advisor
  • Receive your personalized roadmap to homeownership
  • Hear proven credit improvement tips to increase your score 
  • Find more down payment money than expected
  • Shop and save on the best mortgage loan
  • Earn 1.5 hours of counseling to complete your 8 hour requirement*

*Note: Mortgage lenders require 8 hours of pre-purchase education and counseling to qualify for down payment assistance.

3.  Now you’re HomeFree!

  • Go to closing
  • Enjoy your new life as a homeowner

Join a community of more than 23,000 people who have bought their homes through HomeFree-USA.  Today, we celebrate a 0% foreclosure rate amongst those that we prepared.  Allow us to do the same for you!

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