Marcia Griffin, Founder & President 


Marcia GriffinMarcia Griffin is on a mission to strengthen people, elevate partners, and enhance communities across America. As founder and president of HomeFree-USA, Marcia has helped thousands to achieve and retain the dream of homeownership and greater wealth. HomeFree-USA enjoys a remarkable 0% foreclosure rate among families that have participated in the organization’s pre- and post-purchase guidance programs. Serving as a bridge between financial institutions and the community, Marcia addresses the needs of homebuyers and homeowners with targeted education, distinctive marketing strategies and lender.

A recognized homeownership expert and frequent featured guest speaker, she is a member of the Freddie Mac Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, she leads the Fannie Mae Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, the Ocwen Financial Community Advisory Council, America’s Homeowner Alliance, Wells Fargo Housing Foundation Steering Committee and the Affordable Housing Advisory Councils of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, and the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Marcia is a tireless advocate for nonprofit homeownership organizations. Under her leadership, her organization funds and strengthens the capacity of 53 other nonprofits that represent the interests of 4.5 million diverse families across the country.




James (Jim)  M. Griffin, COO 

Jim's career spans more than 45 years in mortgage banking with a focus on affordable housing and direct experience in mortgage lending, management of specialized loan programs, inner city real estate development, housing consulting, and the provision of transitional housing and support for homeless families. He has worked across the U.S. and abroad serving as a financial advisor and public housing policy consultant to HUD, U.S.A.I.D., World Bank, and numerous city, state and foreign governments.



Board of Directors

Gwendolyn Garnett, Board Chair
Co-founder and Ceo, TAPESTRY 

Gwendolyn Garnett is the co-founder and CEO of TAPESTRY, a multicultural strategy, community and corporate initiatives coaching and organizational development firm. She also owns Mamalu Travel.  Gwen retired from Bank of America in 2005 after 24 years where she served as the Neighborhood Lending executive for the Consumer Real Estate division.  In that capacity, she was responsible for driving multicultural and low-to-moderate income lending sales, education and counseling across the country. She also served as the Consumer Real Estate Multicultural executive, National Loan Center executive, Technology & Operations Division Executive, and held many other diverse leadership roles in the company.

Philip W. Bracken

Chief Policy Officer, Radian Guaranty

Phil Bracken is Chairman and Founder of the America’s Homeowner Alliance – the advocacy and member rewards alliance for the 75 million existing (and future aspiring) Homeowners of America. He is also Chief Policy Officer and Head of Government & Industry Relations for Radian Guaranty Mortgage Insurance, the largest private mortgage insurance company in the U.S. In addition, for the past 9 years, Mr. Bracken has been Co-Chairman of the Consumer / Lender Roundtable in Washington, DC and President of the Housing Renaissance.


Paul A. Koches

President, Mortgage Policy Advisors, LLC

Paul Koches has practiced law for over 35 years with broad experience including regulatory, corporate, finance, mergers and acquisitions, international, and intellectual property matters.  Currently he is President of Mortgage Policy Advisors, LLC, a business consulting firm, and serves on boards of directors of various non-profit organizations. He previously held executive positions in a leading mortgage servicing company, serving as General Counsel and then Senior Advisor for Government and Community Relations, and was partner in a large Washington DC-based law firm.


Joseph Ohayon  

Senior Vice President, Head of State and Local Government Relations, Wells Fargo Company

Senior Vice President Joe Ohayon is head of State & Local Government Relations for Government and Community Relations at Wells Fargo Company.

He is responsible for leading the company’s outreach strategy with state and local government officials and agencies to address reputation and policy issues affecting the company in the states and communities in which we operate. He also oversees community outreach and initiatives with national and local housing and credit counseling agencies to promote homeownership education and home preservation efforts and stimulate growth and stability in distressed areas.

A 24-year veteran of the mortgage servicing business, Ohayon joined Wells Fargo in 2006 as head of Community Outreach for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage where he led home preservation programs to assist customers and communities impacted by foreclosures and other challenges during the housing crisis. Under Ohayon’s leadership, the team led more than 1,600 home preservation events across the U.S., helping 46,000 homeowners facing financial hardship.

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