With the Right Information, Homeownership Can Be Contagious

Like many first-time homebuyers, the Taylors felt overwhelmed by the idea of buying their first home.  But they wanted to leave a legacy to their three children, so they knew this was the time to forge ahead.

Luckily, they knew where to go for help. Many of their friends and family members had worked with HomeFree-USA in the past to achieve the dream of homeownership. That gave the Taylors the confidence that they could be successful too. “We had been hearing about HomeFree-USA for years,” says Mrs. Taylor. “We were ready to sit down and have a conversation.”

That conversation sparked a wonderful working relationship between the Taylors and their homeownership advisor. They established a plan to get the couple’s debt under control. “That was the biggest challenge for us but with the coaching and the information that we got from HomeFree, we were able to take care of it,” Mr. Taylor says.

The Taylors appreciated the direct approach that their advisor took with them as she explained what they needed to do and how the homebuying process would work. Not only did that help to allay their fears, but it gave them the knowledge to take control of their finances.

Today they are the owners of their first home, and now they are doing for others what their friends and family members did for them: They’re spreading the word about how HomeFree-USA helped them to become homeowners. Friends that never thought homeownership was possible are now thinking about how they can follow in the Taylors’ footsteps.

Owning a home makes the hard work worth it, they say. “You work hard, you want to be able to come home to something that’s yours,” Mr. Taylor says. “A place where you can find peace.”

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