I am behind on my existing mortgage

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I am current but see future challenges

Over the last seven years, the Making Home Affordable (MHA) program
has helped over 1.8 million families obtain mortgage relief and avoid foreclosure. As of December 30, 2016, no new applications or new
requests for assistance under any MHA program will be accepted.
Although this resource is no longer available to homeowners, help is still attainable. A HomeFree-USA homeownership advisor can help you work with your lender to get the best resolution for you. Request help now. See above.

If you are behind on your monthly bills, including your mortgage, our Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center offers free, confidential financial counseling assistance through HUD-approved counselors, either in person or on the telephone.

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HomeFree-USA is a part of the Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Network. If you have a Fannie Mae loan and need assistance with your mortgage, please contact us for an appointment. Information regarding Fannie Mae loans can be found at here.

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Launched in 2011, the CFPB’s job is to make sure consumers are treated fairly when they apply for a mortgage, select a credit card or take out a loan.

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Loan modification scammers can take your money and your home if you’re not cautious and well-informed. Anyone can be a victim—but you don’t have to be.

If you’re worried about keeping your home, avoid anyone that:

  • Asks for a fee in advance
  • Guarantees that they’ll stop a foreclosure or modify a loan
  • Tells you to stop paying your mortgage company and to pay them instead

Learn more about reporting a scam or contact us for more information.





Do you need mortgage help? If so, you’re not alone. Your mortgage payment is likely your largest monthly obligation so it’s a good place to start when trying to reduce bills or save some money.

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