We Still Need Your Help


It's Not Too Late for You to Help
Compassion for others is what makes us great…

Dear Friend,

Many generous people responded to our appeal for help for our students. If you were among them, you have our heartfelt thanks!

We are making progress but came up short of our goal. We urgently need your help.

We’ve all heard the news. COVID-19 is impacting low-to-moderate income African Americans more negatively than others. This is very bad news for people who are already the weakest financial link. But, with your help, COVID-19 does not have to limit the futures of our best and brightest.  

Our HBCU Center for Financial Advancement™ (CFA) Scholars need your help. These college students did everything right. They did well in school. They were accepted to great HBCUs. They took out student loans to finance their education. They’ve done well in college. They’ve prepared for successful careers in the future. And, they have given back to their communities. Now all that good work and sacrifice is in serious jeopardy.

In the last 10 days, 48 of our CFA Scholars have asked us for help.

  • Internships and jobs they’ve acquired have been rescinded.
  • They no longer have the part-time jobs they had on campus.
  • Some have contracted COVID-19.
  • Some have family members who are hospitalized with the virus.

Some have been sent back to homes:

  • where incomes have been reduced or eliminated completely;
  • where there are shortages of food, personal products and medical supplies;
  • where there is no access to the internet or laptops for school work; and
  • where families desperately need them to succeed.

Don’t let this be a lost generation. These young leaders need your help. You can make a difference in their lives. HomeFree-USA established CFA to prepare them for bright futures – futures that will benefit us all.  Don’t let COVID-19 extinguish their lights. Please give today.

A donation of $100 will help Shonda buy groceries.
A donation of $250 will help William return home to his family.
A donation of $500 will help Byron pay for internet service for 5 months.
A donation of $750 will help Kelli buy the laptop she needs to complete her studies.

Honestly, any amount will help these worthy students get access to the resources and tools they need to complete their educations, get internships and jobs, and become the leaders we all need.

Click here to donate today! Or, you can mail a check to us at 6200 Baltimore Avenue, Riverdale, MD 20737. You will make the difference.

Thanking you in advance.