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As the Director of Affiliate Relations at HomeFree-USA, I’ve always been fascinated with how people handle their money. Like everyone else, I’ve had my financial ups and downs. In fact, it took me 32 months to pay off $32,000 in credit card bills and build up a six-month emergency fund. While that was a very difficult period, I am grateful – and wiser -- for the experience.

Through my personal experiences and working at HomeFree-USA, I’ve gained a ton of insight that I feel compelled to share. You’ll find those lessons here. Feel free to take the thoughts and ideas that resonate with you most and put aside the rest for later. I look forward to sharing my journey.

Don’t Try These Home Repairs Yourself

While there’s probably someone online who can teach you whatever you want to know, when it comes to home repairs, sometimes you should just take a pass. Sure we can save money by doing the work ourselves, but these 4 renovations can cost you big-time if you mess them up.

4 Home Repairs You Should Never Try Yourself

Homeownership comes with its rewards, but it also comes with some costs.

Sometimes you may be able to make a home repair yourself. For example, a leaky faucet or a closet door off its hinges doesn’t require a lot of know-how to fix. However, some repairs could cause extensive damage – and major financial cost -- if you don’t get them right.

Though you may be tempted to save money by doing your own repairs, before you go reaching for your toolbox, here are four jobs you should leave to the pros.
A burst or broken pipe. Sure, plumbers can be expensive. But the knowledge they have is critical to the flow of water inside of your house. While a running toilet may be a problem you can handle, call a plumber to handle more extensive plumbing concerns.

Electrical wiring issues. If there is an electrical problem in your house, not only is there the possibility of electric shock, but your home could be at risk of fire. Don’t take a chance on trying to make wiring repairs inside the walls of your home. Let a licensed and bonded electrician do the work instead.

Gas appliance problems. Like electricity, gas isn’t something to play with because the wrong move could have deadly consequences. If a gas appliance such as a stove or clothes dryer stops working, let a professional take the lead on the repair.

Roof repairs. This type of home repair is not only a risk to your house but it is a risk to you. If you fall off your roof while making your own repairs, you could end up seriously hurt. Your health is not worth a few dollars. Let a licensed roof professional take on the risk.

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