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Polish your personal brand. No one knows you more than you.

Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses are critical to achieving more in life. I have found that in order to do more, we have to focus more on our strengths than on our weaknesses. Most importantly, we have to communicate those strengths with confidence so that others see and appreciate them. If you want to succeed, you can't be bashful.

Anyone who leads must be able to talk about what he or she does well. Speaking convincingly about what your business does for others is critical. If you’ve ever had trouble tooting your own horn -- and most of us have -- here are 4 ways to do it convincingly:

Know that it's OK to "brag" sometimes. Talk about your strengths in business settings. When you’re telling someone about what you do well, you’re giving them insight they may not have. There is someone who is desperately in need of what you have to offer. If you’re afraid to talk about your skills, how will that person ever turn to you for help?‎ What you do well should relate to what you do for others and the strengths that you bring to them.

Convince your biggest critic! Before you can talk to anyone about your strengths, you’ve got to have an appreciation for them yourself. We are often our own biggest critics. One way to build an appreciation for your strengths is through the use of statements that direct your thoughts. Finish this sentence: “I am.....convincing, creative, a great writer” -- anything that you think is positive about yourself say it after “I am.” What you think about and the words that come out of your mouth create your reality. Instead of thinking and talking about what you can’t do, think about your strengths and create the "I ams" around them.‎ In my own life, I try hard to elevate my strengths and not focus so much on my weaknesses.

Write out how good you are. Don't be embarrassed. Once you feel more comfortable with your own skills, write them down. Ask people closest to you what skills they think you have. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you'll feel telling others what you do well. This is a business requirement.

Persuade the indifferent. When you tell people about yourself, they are either going to like what you have to say, dislike what you have to say or feel indifferent. You can’t win everyone over, but those who achieve more in life understand the importance of persuading those who are indifferent. If you communicate your skills and talents with passion AND relate them to the listener by finding some commonality you 'll probably be able to sway their thinking of you. For those seeking employment. This is verse 1!

You may have superior skills, but unless others know about them, we won't get very far. When you get a bit more comfortable about talking about your strengths and what you can do for your employer, customer or business partner, you'll grow by leaps and bounds -- guaranteed!