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How the mortgage industry can attract customers for life

With homebuying season in full swing, we must ask ourselves: Are we giving our customers what they want? I would argue that the mark of success isn’t helping a consumer buy a home; it’s making that consumer happy enough with the experience to feel good about the homebuying process and do business with you again.

While it’s true that customers come and go, here are three things we can do to turn a consumer into a customer for life.

  • We can help our customers feel more in control. Buying a home can be stressful, and people often feel like they have absolutely no control over the situation. The less people know about the homebuying process and what to expect from it, the less comfortable they are. However, we can help people to feel empowered by encouraging them to get the financial education they need. Not only will they be better prepared for the challenges of homeownership, but they will feel better about the homebuying process in general and more likely to think favorably of all parties involved.
  • We can give our customers a reason to trust us. Some people believe the industry is just out to make money off of them. Also, many homebuyers and homeowners feel uncomfortable sharing information about their finances because they don’t want to be judged harshly. When we provide our customers with financial education, we let them know that we’re not just thinking of ourselves, but we’re thinking of them. After all, with financial education, they’ll get more than a house; they’ll have the tools to succeed for life.
  • We can make sure our customers know they have options. Nobody likes to feel backed in a corner, as if they have no options. In fact, when people have the ability to choose, they feel powerful. Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to buying a home. The best way to give our customers more choices is to arm them with the financial education they need to make good decisions. With more options, they are likely to be happier with the entire homebuying experience, and more likely to work with us again when they are ready to make other financial moves in their lives.

As an industry, our goal shouldn’t be simply to attract more customers. Our goal should be to keep them.