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Find your fortune in 2014

I often hear people say that fortune is a matter of luck, but luck actually occurs when we are prepared, positive and ready to take action.

Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote one of my favorite books Outliers: The Story of Success, tells us that success and good fortune are not a matter of luck, but rather the result of deliberate practice.

If you're ready to override luck and find your fortune in 2014, I have 4 steps for you.

#1 Write down 3 or more goals you would like to accomplish by the end of the year. State why each accomplishment is important to you. Be clear on what you want.

#2 Seek out advisors who know more than you for each goal you want to accomplish.
#3 Get informed about how others have accomplished what you would like to achieve. Read books, seek out mentors and be open to advice.

#4 Record 5 great things that happened to you last year. Being grateful accelerates our fortune. It also demonstrates your ability to accomplish goals.
The truth of the matter is that in order to improve our lives and find our own fortune, we need good advice, relevant information and a "can do" spirit.

That's where HomeFree-USA comes in.
This year HomeFree-USA is dedicated to helping you find your fortune. Wealth creation, having more and keeping more is the result of wise spending and saving habits that you commit to on a daily basis.

Get little-known tips and strategies that you can use to create wealth and find your fortune through my blog, in-person seminars, teleclasses that you can dial into from any location, and online courses at Our speakers will excite you and deliver  information that is relevant to your personal needs.
Whether your goals are related to homeownership and real estate, or you're looking for mortgage advice, we will provide smart solutions, and engaging, informative and motivational information that can help you to take your finances to the next level.

Join us in the coming months – each with a special theme.
This month is Find Your Fortune Month.

February kicks off Personal Finance Education Month, where we'll be giving insight into ways to find more money in your everyday life.
March will be More Help for Homeowners Month and devoted to homeowner topics including a power session on "Other Mortgage Options to Consider."

Throughout the year, you'll learn WHY successful people have advisors and WHAT you lose by not being informed.
Information from the right person at the right time is your key to success, or as the Roman philosopher Seneca once said: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Make 2014 your year to be prepared, and encourage your family and friends to seek the advice and information they need to get more out of their lives and more out of their money.
I thank you for letting HomeFree-USA be one of your trusted advisors. Visit our website often for more details; refer your family and friends for free advice and objective guidance. Give us ideas to consider.

Here's to a fantastic and fortune-filled 2014. You'll do well.