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3 Tips to Bring in More Business

Stedman Graham shared one of his secrets to success at HomeFree-USA’s recent Reaching Millions Leadership in Housing Training Conference. Click here to find out what it was and how you can bring in more business this year.

Earlier this year, during HomeFree-USA’s Reaching Millions Leadership in Housing Training Conference, keynote speaker Stedman Graham said, “You can’t lead anyone else until you first lead yourself.” The point he was making: Success largely depends on the steps we take to better ourselves.  If you’re serious about expanding your client base and generating more profits, these personal actions will go a long way.  


Find your passion. What is it that drives you about your work? How do you see yourself being of service? One of the things that drives me is seeing more homebuyers achieve the dream of homeownership. When a HomeFree-USA member tells me how owning a home has changed his or her life, I know I’m living my purpose. When you care about something larger than yourself, you approach your business with heart, which is one of the key ingredients to success.


Build discipline. Success requires us to be disciplined enough to identify what needs to be done and then make it happen.  If discipline isn’t a strong suit for you, take baby steps by coming up with daily habits and working on them day in and day out. For example, you might wake up an hour earlier to fit in time to exercise. As you commit to your values and take persistent action, you’ll make progress at home and at work.


Continue to learn. The world is changing at a remarkable pace. By continuing our education, we learn how to keep up with new trends and we come up with new ideas that can take us to another level. We also learn from others in the industry through partnerships. When we work together, we magnify our efforts to increase homeownership and realize larger profits. Ready to end 2018 with a bang? Partner with HomeFree-USA and find new ways that we can generate more business together.