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3 Tips to Bring in More Business

Stedman Graham shared one of his secrets to success at HomeFree-USA’s recent Reaching Millions Leadership in Housing Training Conference. Click here to find out what it was and how you can bring in more business this year.

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Why Your Credit Score May Be Getting a Boost

If you’ve been working to improve your credit, I have good news. Your credit score might soon be getting a boost, thanks to a change in the way credit scores are calculated. Read on to see how this can help you reach your financial goals.

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The Key to Landing Winning Partnerships

One thing I’ve noticed about successful people is that they don’t try to go it alone. They understand that partnerships are critical to individual and professional success. In the homeownership development industry, partnerships are particularly important. Click here to find out how you can identify new partners to take your business to the next level.

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Three Reasons Leaders Fail

In the homeownership development industry, good leadership skills are among the most important ingredients to success. Yet, many leaders make three big mistakes, which can hold them and their organizations back. Click here to discover what they are, and how you can take your leadership skills to the next level before this year is out.

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An Event That Can Transform Homeownership

If you’ve never experienced the Reaching Millions Leadership in Housing Training Conference, you’ve been missing out on one of the most powerful conferences in the homeownership development industry. Every year, HomeFree-USA brings together nonprofit, faith-based, government, and real estate finance leaders to improve the housing, homeownership and financial aspirations of low-to-moderate income people across the country.

This year the conference takes place in Washington, DC. Read on to discover how it can help you further your goals.

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