How One Mom Moved Past Her Fear to Become a Homeowner

Single mom Sheba had been living with her mom when she decided the goal of homeownership was a worthy one.

Not only did she want her daughter to have her own room, but Sheba wanted a house to call her own.

Yet she was gripped with fear; she didn’t think she could afford a home by herself. Luckily, HomeFree-USA helped to show her that wasn’t the case.

HomeFree-USA provided Sheba with resources and knowledge, and introduced her to people that could assist her during her homebuying process. The constant encouragement she received from her HomeFree-USA Homeownership Advisor also gave her the confidence she needed to move ahead, she says.

Financial education was another key to her success. “Don’t think you can just jump out there and everything will be okay. You have to prepare mentally and financially before taking that step to homeownership,” she says.
Sheba also had to make some sacrifices to realize her dream, as she saved and got her finances together. “Buying a home takes time and it can get frustrating, but the key is to remain patient throughout the process,” she says. “Sacrifice for a little while so you can live a better life.”

Today Sheba is not only a homeowner but she’s engaged to be married so her growing family has plenty of space to thrive. And she’s encouraging others to follow in her footsteps on the path to homeownership.

“Get with HomeFree-USA and educate yourself about the homebuying process before you begin,” she says. “Start saving while you’re renting and make those little sacrifices now; it truly will pay off in the end.”

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