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HomeFree-USA is on a mission to be the premier bridge to financial strength and homeownership success for people of color across America. 

Issues such as redlining created a wide-spread homeownership and wealth gap disproportionately affecting people of color. Communities suffered as millions were denied access to credit and fair lending.


Marcia and Jim Griffin launched HomeFree-USA in 1994 with a vision to close this gap by giving people the guidance they need to achieve and sustain homeownership. As the owner of the largest African American mortgage servicing company in the country, National Loan Service Center, Jim was devastated by the high rates of default among borrowers of color. 

Marcia was equally frustrated as she saw clients bouncing checks to pay for high-priced designer items at her MCM boutique store.  Seeing these realities, pushed this power couple to change their focus from profit to people. 

24 years later, HomeFree-USA is still on the frontlines serving the diverse interests of 4.5 million consumers through its national intermediary network.  We connect government, the real estate finance industry, and consumers to create new homebuyers, sustainable homeowners, affordable homes and revitalized communities.  

HomeFree-USA’s initiatives include:


  • Fast Track to Homeownership™ – The Fast Track to Homeownership programs gets renters credit ready for mortgage approval and mentally ready for homeownership.  Through classes, one-on-one guidance and an easy-to-follow plan renters are able to own a home easier with fewer hassles. Explore more


  • The Center for Financial Advancement™ (CFA) is a solution to the industry’s call for more diversity.  HomeFree-USA partners with, recruit, train and place students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to intern in partnering mortgage and real estate companies.  Participating CFA Scholars are exposed to credit, money management and homeownership in order to become a savvy consumer and future homeowner.  Join the movement


  • HomeFree-USA’s national intermediary network oversees 58 affiliated community and faith-based housing counseling agencies that served 47,171 homebuyers, homeowners and renters last year.  HomeFree-USA and each affiliate are approved and regulated by the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development.  Find affiliates in your area


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