Think green (& we don’t mean the environment): why diversity is important to your top-line growth

Pharrell Williams, known for his environment advocacy, recently made a different kind of case for “Thinking Green.” At the Forbes Just 100 Virtual Summit, he asked businesses to consider what would happen if they lost access to the Black dollar. He reminds businesses that Black Americans have over 1 trillion dollars in buying power.

Why Pharrell is right

People of color live lives of solidarity. Their communities are tight-knit and they are careful about who they give their trust to. They want to see demonstrative change in the approach that many companies take to outreach.

The buying power of communities of color in America is far larger than the 1 trillion that Black Americans possess. Black Americans are far from the only minority in America and combined, the buying power exceeds 1 trillion.

However, communities of color have been historically underserved. This means they are cautious and that companies will have to really listen to their needs in order for their outreach to be effective.

That’s by today’s metric, and that metric is changing

America is browning. The 2019 census shows that by 2040 80% of America will be a minority majority country. This means that the power of the dollar for POC is growing. The 1 trillion dollar buying power that Black people have today, will increase exponentially.

What does that mean for businesses

This means that businesses need to be very intentional as they approach outreach to their target communities. How do they do that? By understanding exactly what underserved communities need, and that’s where HomeFree-USA comes in.

HomeFree-USA is dedicated to helping businesses and communities connect. Our goal is to partner with businesses and help them learn how to reach out to communities, especially those of color.

That’s why we have the Reaching Millions Conference

Our conference is a key resource for our partners. The Reaching Millions Conference is designed to create an atmosphere of collaboration. It is for businesses to trade ideas and discuss possible solutions to industry problems.

The conference allows for a unique forum. We select our speakers and panels carefully. Each topic is selected based on the problems that are seen in the industry today.

We want to see you there

At HomeFree-USA, we value our partners and want to see them succeed. We enjoy collaborating with our partners and believe that the work we do together is vital to solving the problems in the mortgage lending industry.

Our passion lies in helping both businesses and communities. That’s why we want to see you at our Reaching Millions Conference. We want to be your partner in helping you address the problems that your business is facing with outreach.