Success Story: Keeping Foreclosure at Bay 

We all go through tough times at different points in our lives. When Horace experienced tough times, he fell behind on his mortgage. As he struggled to get back on his feet, his lender informed him he was facing foreclosure.  

“My mortgage company would not even hear me out,” he says. “I was getting letters from them and it was all threats. They weren’t trying to work with me.” 

Horace learned that homeownership counseling could possibly help and he reached out to HomeFree-USA. That’s when his situation started to improve. 

    • First his Homeownership Advisor, Gary Plummer, reassured him that things would work out ok. Knowing someone was in his corner made Horace feel better. 
    • Then, HomeFree-USA reached out to Horace’s lender. “It seems like every time HomeFree-USA sent something to the mortgage company, they would respond. But when I sent something, it’s almost like they didn’t want to hear from me,” Horace says. 

Over the next couple of months, HomeFree-USA worked with Horace to get all the information the lender needed. 

HomeFree-USA also kept Horace updated on where things stood every step of the way so he wouldn’t worry. That cut down on his stress, he says. 

At the end of the day, Horace’s lender agreed to work with him. He would not lose his home. While everything worked out well in the end, Horace credits the help of HomeFree-USA. 

“When you are going through stuff like that, it’s almost like the whole world is on your shoulders,” he says.  “HomeFree-USA makes you feel like it’s not the end of the world and everything is going to work out.”  

Not only did his Homeownership Advisor keep in touch with Horace throughout the process, but he has continued to check in on Horace in the aftermath. That let Horace know that HomeFree-USA really cared. You don’t find people who follow through like that, Horace says. “I would recommend HomeFree-USA to anybody.”