No one has escaped the wrath of the pandemic.  

Whether you or your loved ones battled physical illness,  financial challenges or social isolation, the COVID-19 crisis has made life more difficult for all of us. 

However, if you are a homeowner, a new program may offer some much-needed relief. 

The Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) is an innovative program that provides free money and no-interest loans to homeowners who are experiencing financial distress due to the pandemic. That money can help you catch up on house-related bills and keep your house.

You may qualify for funding if you: 

    • Are behind on your mortgage. 
    • Owe back taxes on your property. 
    • Are delinquent on homeowners association fees. 
    • Have not been able to pay your homeowner’s insurance. 

Such a great opportunity will not last forever.  

If you feel like the pandemic has put you on unsteady financial footing or you worry that you may be in danger of losing your home, contact HomeFree-USA as soon as possible to find out whether you qualify. 

“Any homeowner who is experiencing a COVID-related hardship should take advantage of this opportunity to get as much financial assistance as possible,” says Alfreda Williams, a Senior Homeownership Advisor for HomeFree-USA.  

Don’t risk losing your home.  Attend Mortgage Help for Homeowners on July 14th to learn how to qualify for mortgage-assistance programs.  HomeFree-USA’s Certified Homeownership Advisors and representatives from the State of Maryland will provide reliable advice and immediate answers.