Center for Financial Advancement® and eHome America: Providing Tools and Delivering Education

Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are not only the homeowners of the future they are also the next generation of leaders in the real estate finance industry. Recognizing this, HomeFree-USA is proud to partner with eHome America to empower and educate the homeowners and corporate leaders of tomorrow.

The HomeFree-USA Center for Financial Advancement® (CFA) is a program at select HBCUs that builds financial skills among students and prepares them for homeownership and financial success. At the same time, CFA provides students with leadership and professional development, building a pipeline of diverse young professionals poised to excel in internships and positions in corporate America.

“eHome America’s support heightens HomeFree-USA’s mission to prepare diverse future leaders for corporate America and the real estate finance industry. The combination of eHome America homeownership education and CFA professional development and financial skill-building elevates HBCU students’ financial capability and homeownership potential,” said Gwen Garnett, Executive Director for CFA.

The work of CFA is made possible by its partners. Between 2018 and 2021, 597 student scholars received training and mentoring.

eHome America, which provides web-based education programs for prospective first-time home-buyers, shares a commitment to financial empowerment.

“eHome America believes that building financial capability and providing opportunities for career development and advancement for the next generation are necessary for the development and sustainment of healthy communities,” said Milt Sharp, Jr., President and National Administrator for eHome America. “The Center for Financial Advancement captures the essence of our belief and aligns closely with our vision to develop financial wellness and well-being in individuals and communities.”

eHome America hopes that by working with CFA, the program will have an even greater impact.

“Through our partnership with CFA, we hope to demonstrate the effectiveness of its approach to developing financial capability. This will allow it to be scaled up and expanded, thus maximizing its impact and successful outcomes,” Sharp said.