Mr. Cooper Group and the Center for Financial Advancement® Builds Tomorrow’s Workforce

Recognizing that a diverse workforce is better able to meet the needs of a multicultural society, HomeFree-USA’s Center for Financial Advancement® and Mr. Cooper Group are partnering to expose and prepare diverse students for new opportunities in the real estate finance industry.

The Center for Financial Advancement® (CFA) is a program at select Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) that provides students with leadership and professional training, building a pipeline of accomplished young professionals who are poised to excel in internships and positions in corporate America. 

 Mr. Cooper Group wants to help amplify those efforts.

“It is imperative that we cultivate a workforce that reflects the customers we serve and the world in which we live. Therefore, our partnership with HomeFree-USA’s Center for Financial Advancement® (CFA) is so important,” Mr. Cooper Group said in a statement. “As we continue to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into our company’s culture, our partnership with CFA is a great, actionable step toward connecting with the best and most diverse talent in the industry.”

In addition to providing professional training, CFA builds financial skills among students and empowers them for homeownership.  

“The Center for Financial Advancement® provides critical personal, professional and financial skill building information to HBCU students,” said Gwen Garnett, Program Director for CFA. “Mr. Cooper Group’s support enables HomeFree-USA to reach and impact more students and their families, creating opportunity for wealth building with the next generation of homeowners and leaders.” 

The work of CFA is made possible by the generosity of its partners. Between 2018 and 2021, 367 student scholars received intense training and mentoring for 8 months thanks to CFA sponsors. Over 4,000 HBCU students participated in leadership development seminars as part of the Center for Financial Advancement® teachings at six HBCUs.  

Mr. Cooper Group is excited about embarking on this fruitful partnership.

“With CFA scholars poised to be the next generation of leaders, we look forward to expanding our recruitment abilities while gaining access to the talent that CFA cultivates. 

At Mr. Cooper Group, we believe in putting our people first. Prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion from the recruiting and hiring phase is integral in maintaining the trust we’ve built with our team and keeping our people-first.”