Life is unpredictable. In the midst of COVID-19, something we have never seen before, we are confronted by something we see all too often, racism.

Racism shows up in our lives in many forms. We see it all the time. Now that the country at-large has seen it in the form of a real time broadcast of a man graphically losing his life over a period of 8 minutes and 46 seconds, there is rightful outrage.

Things are changing as a result. Yet, no one can deny that much more must change. The thousands of protesters around the world understand this. We stand with them and we stand with all people of good faith who know that as long as Black and Brown people are systemically excluded from the greatness of this country, this country cannot fully realize its greatness.

My husband and I launched HomeFree-USA with a mission to be the premier bridge to financial strength and homeownership success for people of color across America. We stood to educate and prepare Black renters for homeownership and greater wealth when few others would. In 25 years, we have been that bridge for thousands of successful homebuyers and homeowners who have strengthened their finances and improved the lives of their families.

Yet, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others remind us that we are in a marathon, not a sprint. We will not quit. We call upon our nation’s business, community, and civic leaders to genuinely join in the long overdue transformation of systems, policies, and practices that, at their foundation, do not contribute to the highest aspirations of this country and its people.

HomeFree-USA is ready to do the hard work with friends, partners, supporters, and all others to ensure that fairness, equality, and equity are intrinsic to all lives.

Join us in partnership,

President & CEO