Raynale Bell: Building Relationships Through Real Estate

For Raynale Bell, real estate is a family affair. “My mom was in real estate,” she says. Seven years ago, she decided she would try her hand at it too. 

Licensed in Washington, DC; Maryland, and Virginia, Bell enjoys building relationships with her clients and helping them improve their financial standing through homeownership. She’s been invited to housewarmings and baby showers by clients. “I’m a friendly person,” she says. “You get to know the buyers and their families in the process.”

Bell also has encouraged her clients to learn as much as they can about the homebuying process. Her partnership with HomeFree-USA has helped on that front, as HomeFree-USA does a good job of preparing her clients for each step of the homebuying journey, she says. Bell also believes she has benefited from networking with other real estate and mortgage professionals – another benefit HomeFree-USA provides. 

Bell is committed to her clients, and she’s also passionate about helping people better their lives through real estate. “Buying a house is a very rewarding experience,” she says. “It appreciates in value and puts you in a position to leverage your investment to do other things. It’s fine to build wealth but a house also creates a legacy so you can leave something behind to your family.”

Bell can be reached at: Facebook: RaynaleBell; Instagram: Ms.RaynaleBell; or 301-247-1539.