Chrystal Charles: Getting Homebuyers to the Finish Line

Realtor Chrystal Charles is on a mission to help homebuyers find and buy their dream home. That means making sure they come to the settlement table prepared. 

“I enjoy helping my clients get comfortable with all the steps in the (homebuying) process and empowering them with the information that will help them build wealth,” she says. “This is my passion.”

One way she accomplishes this is by partnering with HomeFree-USA. 

    • Some of her clients have worked with HomeFree-USA’s Homeownership Advisors to improve their finances and put themselves in a better position to qualify for a mortgage. 
    • Others were connected to their mortgage provider through HomeFree-USA. 
    • Still others were able to find down-payment assistance or other ‘free money’ to go toward their new home. 

“HomeFree-USA has been a great resource for myself and my clients,” she says. “No one complains about finding the most amount of money or the best loan products available to them.” 

Charles wants first-time homebuyers to know that the homebuying process is a journey, and it’s a good idea to start the process even if they don’t think they are ready. 

“It’s better to take the steps to become mortgage-ready and take your time deciding when to take ‘the leap’ than to miss a great opportunity because your ducks aren’t lined up.”

Charles is licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC and can be reached at: Facebook: Chrystal Clear Homes , IG: Chrystalclear_Homes or 202-656-4814.