The pandemic may have set you back financially. Here’s how to turn things around.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a financial bind. We may fall behind on our bills, damage our credit score or spend money we had no business spending. No matter what type of setback you have, you can always turn things around. Here are some steps to get back to financial freedom.

Take Responsibility. Before you can turn your finances around, you have to acknowledge your power to change the situation. Even if the setback wasn’t your fault — such as the case with the pandemic — when you take full responsibility, you take ownership of the problem and you then have the power to create the solution.

Forgive Yourself. This isn’t the time for wallowing in guilt. Even if you made a financial mistake, mistakes are part of being human. However, anger and guilt aren’t going to help you to turn things around. You must find a way to rise above the emotion and give yourself the opportunity to do better.

Read About How Others Overcame Obstacles. There is nothing that you are going through that someone else has not gone through before. Many people make financial mistakes or experience financial setbacks. Certainly in light of the pandemic, many people across the country are having a hard time.  Reading biographies or success stories of others can show you how they handled their challenges and overcame obstacles. It is not only motivational to see someone make a comeback in their life, but you may get some ideas as to how you can apply their wisdom to your situation.

Make a Commitment to Do Better. Anything that is worth having is worth working for and that includes financial security. You have to be willing to practice sound financial habits every day. You can’t think about improving your finances one week and then go on a spending binge the next. When you commit to doing better, you have to make a plan that outlines the way you spend and save your money day in and day out. Commitment is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage and focused intention, which are qualities that we all can develop.

Seek Financial Education. When you admit to making a mistake, you acknowledge that there is more for you to learn. Financial education will help you to increase your knowledge so you don’t make those missteps again. Visit a nonprofit financial counseling organization or take a financial education class such as those offered by HomeFree-USA. When you know better, you will do better.