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How Homeownership Can Rebuild a City

We often point out all of the ways that homeownership can help consumers. Yet we sometimes overlook how it can also literally transform cities. 

We all remember watching as Baltimore was rocked by protests against police violence in 2015. Baltimore has also suffered since the mortgage meltdown. However, we always knew that with homeowners as the backbone, Baltimore could withstand any challenge and thrive again. That’s why I’m so excited about Move Up in Baltimore, a program that seeks to expand homeownership in the city through the reuse of vacant, abandoned and/or foreclosed properties.

Recently we gave partners in Move Up in Baltimore a tour of some of the properties that are being rehabilitated for homebuyers. Read on to see how this program can be a model for transforming cities across the country.

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Three Questions to Close Out the Year

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on what went right this year and what we can do better next year. I’ve recently done some soul-searching and I invite you to do the same.  In between decorating, shopping and spending time with loved ones, ask yourself these three questions to put yourself in the right mindset for a successful 2018.

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A Myth About Homeownership Counseling That We Must Dispel

I talk to a lot of people about the value of homeownership counseling. While most people see value in it, I’ve come across too many who don’t believe it is something that they personally need. 

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Insights Too Valuable Not to Share

Last week, HomeFree-USA held the 13th Annual Reaching Millions Leadership Conference in Philadelphia. The theme was “Trends to Transform Your Business; New Ideas to Expedite Your Growth.”

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How you can contribute to a stronger mortgage industry

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from working with homebuyers is that people feel most comfortable dealing with mortgage professionals they can relate to. Many consumers would prefer to work with someone who comes from their community or shares their cultural background.

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